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Social Compliance Training

We recognize that it is important to routinely train our buying agents, vendors, and factory management. On average, we hold 10-12 training sessions a year in various locations around the world, which in the past have included China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and Vietnam.

These training sessions were conducted by either UL or Intertek representatives, who were accompanied by our Assistant Vice President (AVP), Global Social Compliance. We believe the presence of our management at sessions in each of these countries demonstrates to factory management, buying agent management, and vendors that TJX is committed to our Social Compliance Program. Over time, our training sessions have included the following topics:

In addition to the above, we often include targeted training based on geographic or other regional differences to ensure that we are covering the most pertinent topics for each training session, and we may break into focus groups to enhance training through shared learning.

Designated representatives at our international buying offices also provide instruction to our suppliers on our ethical sourcing expectations. We will continue to devote resources to these important training initiatives and to review and update these initiatives as appropriate.

Associate Training

TJX Associates involved in the development and buying of merchandise undergo formal social compliance training biennially. In addition, through informal meetings and discussions, our AVP, Global Social Compliance continues to share our learnings, updating our product development and buying personnel on the requirements of TJX’s Social Compliance Program.